Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Imbue Cellars Starts a Journey

Friends, over the last year, my interest, in delicious Vermouth has inspired me to begin a small business for myself, and my two friends Jennifer Killfoil (Patton Valley Vineyards) and Derek Einberger (Lemelson Winery) from McMinneville.

We are proud to announce that we have created Oregon's first business focused on nothing but Vermouth.  We have named our label Imbue Cellars.  Our plans are to focus on the great wines we have here in Oregon, and infusing them with some surprisingly delicious herbs, fortifying them with brandys purchased from Clear Creek Distillery. 

Our business model is to not emulate the French or Itialian style of Vermouths, but create a whole new category of drinkable, and mixable vermouths.  We are planning to release our first bottles (pending our TTB and OLCC licenses) of what we are labeling an Imbue Bitter-Sweet Vermouth mid-to late summer.  It will be dry instyle without embracing the earthy fungal oxidized quality.  We are hoping this will encourage people to sip and enjoy this product just as it is created.  This will not be our grandparents vermouth.  We are designing it to be delicious straight out of the bottle.

We have plans to release a Sweet a little later in the the calendar year, so stay tuned for future developments.


  1. That is awesome man, good luck!!

  2. Just bought some at the Meadow! Wow, this stuff is amazing for the non-vermouth lover.